QDC efficiency double beam launching crane

Overhead Segmental Launching Gantry|Huada Heavy Industry ...

b'Double Girder Gantry Crane Single Girder Gantry Crane Double Girder Overhead Crane Single Girder Overhead Crane Electric Hoist ... Whenever Segmental Launching Gantry is use, efficiency is crucial. Huada Heavy Industry Launching Gantries are designed to save every single minute in the construction . ...'

30m Launching Girder Bridge Construction - dowell-cranes.com

b'30m launching girder bridge construction is used in the erection of precast beam bridges for span by span method of construction for precast beam girders like U beam, T beam, etc. This self launching beam launcher is suitable for bridge construction over river, valley or highway and so on.'

Single vs. Double Girder Bridge Cranes - Crane 1 Services

b'The difference between a single and double girder top running crane is: \xc2\xb7 A single girder crane has only one bridge beam, and the hoist trolley operates or travels on the lower flange of the bridge girder. \xc2\xb7 A double girder crane will have two bridge beams, and the hoist trolley travels on rails, usually attached to'

Beam Launcher Gantry Crane for railway construction ...

b'Launching crane/beam launcher for load viaduct construction is an important machinery for building high rise constructions, bridges etc. These beam launchers can handle cast-in place concrete, as well as prefabricated elements, hence they are highly adaptable for \xe2\x80\xa6'

100 Ton Railway Bridge Girder Launching Gantry Crane ...

b"High quality 100 Ton Railway Bridge Girder Launching Gantry Crane / Erection Machine from China, China's leading industrial crane product, with strict quality control launching lifting equipment factories, producing high quality launching lifting equipment products."

OEM Durable And Reliable Travelling Steel Beam Launcher ...

b'Truss Launching crane/beam launcher is an important machinery for building high rise constructions, bridges etc. ... ZHONGJIAN launching crane has higher working efficiency, with 6~8 pieces girder erection every day, based on enough concrete plate supplying, skilled operator and good condition at site. ... Double Girder Overhead Cranes.'

Overhead Beam Crane - Quality Overhead Beam Crane Supplier

b'Double beam cranes always are working in the high efficiency so that more profit can be made and much time can be saved. All in all, the double beam cranes are in high working efficiency and long service time. Just similar with single beam overhead crane, double beam overhead crane consists of double beams, end carriages, electric cable hoists ...'

Intelligent Steel Coil Handling Crane

b'The intelligent steel coil handling crane capacity 35t is an integrated management system with information technology, network technology and sensor technology, combining of management, control and basic layers to the handling system to achieve intelligent \xe2\x80\xa6'