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b'LV reeling LOW VOLTAGE REELING CABLES CORDAFLEX (SMK) \xe2\x88\x9250 \xc2\xb0C (N)SHTOEU 30 N/mm\xc2\xb2 240 m/min \xe2\x88\x9250 \xc2\xb0C up to ... FLAT LOW VOLTAGE CABLES FOR FESTOON OPERATION PLANOFLEX \xe2\x88\x9250 \xc2\xb0C NGFLGOEU 15 N/mm\xc2\xb2 180 m/min ... Rubber Tyred Gantry cranes). CORDAFLEX(SMK) \xe2\x88\x9250 \xc2\xb0C Global data'

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b'Surge Arrester OBO V25-B 3Pole + NPE. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut silahkan hubungi kami. Telp : +62 21 31922673 ; 3904548 ; 31909628. Fax : +62 21 31909628. HP : +628151673519 ; 08111095131. Email : [email protected] crane cables,kabel krane,cable for crane,PVC insulated flexible flat cable for cranes for medium mechanical loads ...'

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b'High and Low Voltage energy cables Thin-wall LV cables Coaxial cables & Cat7 solutions Instrumentation ... Flat reeling cables Rubber spreader cables. 10 Handling round table \xe2\x80\x93 London \xe2\x80\x93 July 6, 2005 ... Flat PVC cables. RHEYFLAT-N. NGFLGOEU-J, (N)GFLCGOEU-J. Special Halogen free flat cables.'

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b'Instrumentation Cable TEPLA I-IOA. Instrumentation Cable TEPLA I-OA. PE/ISCR/OSCR/PVC-FR. PE/SWA/PVC OR XLPE/SWA/LSOH. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut silahkan hubungi kami. Hubungi : Pratama Listrik. Telp : 02131922673 ; 3904548 ; 31909628. HP : +628151673519 ; 08111095131. Email : [email protected]'


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b'KABEL NGFLGOU 4X6mm Flat Rubber Cable 300/500v (Brand : UNTEL) Application Especially used for Lift,Cranes,Floor conveyor systems,Elevator and transfer lines. Flat structure recommended for implementations where space is at a minimum and requre smaller bending radius over that of round cables Environment It is resistant to some chemical, oil ...'

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b'This fiber optic cable is suitable for high bandwidths of over 1000GHz/km and distances of well over 50km. Single-mode fiber 9/125 2 50/125 9/125 Longitudinal section with light dispersion 3 Technical Exhibit | Cables for Reeling Systems Connectors \xe2\x80\xa2 The SC connector can be used for multi-mode and monomode fibers.'

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