Hoisting Unit Box type Bridge

Bridge Railing Identification Guide

b'Many bridge railings in families (i.e. T2 - T201 - T221 family or T5 - T501 - T551 family) will look similar and must be distinguished by dimensions. 3. Measure the height of existing bridge railing. a. If the bridge has no overlay, measure height as shown in Figure 1. b. If the bridge is topped with overlay or seal coat, take two measurements ...'

Useful Crane Information - Wazee Crane

b"AUXILIARY HOIST: A supplemental hoisting unit, usually designed to handle lighter loads at a higher speed than the main hoist. AUXILIARY GIRDER (OUTRIGGER): A girder arranged parallel to the main girder for supporting the platform motor base, operator's cab control panels, etc., to reduce the torsional forces such load would otherwise impose on ..."

Comparative Bridge Costs - California

b'COMPARATIVE BRIDGE COSTS. JANUARY 2016 . The following tabular data provides some general guidelines for structure type selection and its relative cost. These costs should be used only for preliminary estimates until more detailed information is developed. The following factors must be taken into account when determining a price within the cost ...'


b'when concrete barrier transitions are located on the bridge deck, a plan view beams. details are similar for slab units and for bridges with other skews. typical details are shown on this sheet for a simple span with a 20n skew utilizing box reinforcement may be substituted according to the guidance contained in the bridge manual.'


b'PCI BRIDGE DESIGN MANUAL_____APPENDIX B AASHTO/PCI STANDARD PRODUCTS Appendix B \xe2\x80\x907 (Nov 11) AASHTO I\xe2\x80\x90Beams Dimensions (inches) Type D1 D2 D3 D4 D5 D6 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B6 I 28 4 0 3 5 5 12 16 6 3 0 5 II 36 6 0 3 6 6 12 18 6 3 0 6 III 45 7 0 4.5 7.5 7 16 22 7 4.5 0 7.5'

CRANES CATALOG - Ace Industries

b'The basic components of most bridge cranes are 1) end trucks, 2) bridge drives, 3) bridge control panel, 4) bridge girder, 5) trolley, 6) hoist, 7) festooned cross conductors, 8) festooned push button conductors and 9) push button and cable assembly.'


b'(perpendicular) alignment. The bridge consists of 43.75 ft., 88.0 ft. and 43.75 ft. spans, with a 50 ft. wide bridge. The figures on pages 5 and 6 show the elevation and typical section for the bridge. The superstructure is supported by AASHTO Type III girders, which are continuous for live load.'

Chapter 8 Foundation Design - Wa

b'\xe2\x80\xa2 Bridge Design Manual LRFD M23-50 \xe2\x80\xa2 Standard Plans for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction M 21-01 \xe2\x80\xa2 AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, U.S. The most current versions of the above referenced manuals including all interims or design memoranda modifying the manuals shall be used. In'