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b'A guide-roller arrangement for gantry cranes( 1 ) has two rotatably mounted axial carriers ( 21 ) on which the guide rollers are seated. The guide rollers ( 11, 12 ) are mounted on journals which are arranged in the carrier plate ( 15 ) in a manner eccentric to the axis of rotation ( 41 ) of the axial carrier ( 21 ). The selected eccentric position of the journal can be fixed in a formfitting ...'

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b'Double-stacking containers on a railroad flatcar using an overhead gantry crane. Courtesy: Pacer Stacktrain. Air cargo transport has benefited from containerization through the use of specialized containers that fit within the rounded fuselage of wide-bodied aircraft.'

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b'- 120 ft of longitudinal weld travel over 12 ft 6 in wide bed with 36" cross beam lift - Variable speed gantry with powered height adjustment of cross beam Specifications: Pandjiris Gantry - Heavy duty gantry frame mounted on twin powered travel cars - Travel cars, master & slave (recently rebuilt motors, gearbox, control), approx 120" x 70"'

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