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b'(infrequently used) crane. o Single girder cranes reduce the total crane cost on crane components, runway structure and building. Double Girder Cranes o Double girder cranes are faster, with maximum bridge speeds, trolley speeds and hoist speeds approaching 350 fpm, 150 fpm, and 60 fpm, respectively.'

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b'Therefore, the double girder bridge crane is widely used in the indoor or outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, iron and steel industry, railway transportation, port terminal, logistics and other departments and places . The types of double girder cranes: LH series electric hoist double girder crane, 5 ~ 10 tons of double beam gantry crane ...'

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b'Overhead crane (bridge crane/ EOT crane) mainly consists of single girder overhead crane and double girder overhead crane.Hook overhead crane,ladle overhead crane,grab bucket overhead crane,European overhead crane etc.,to satisfy your needs.'

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b"\xe2\x80\xa2 Hoist Group: ASME H4 \xe2\x80\xa2 Hoist Group Aux: ASME H3 \xe2\x80\xa2 Crane Drive Group: CMAA C \xe2\x80\xa2 Main/Control Voltage: 480/115 V, 60 Hz \xe2\x80\xa2 Supply Power: 59.01Hp Demag Top Riding Double Girder Bridge Crane: 25 Ton x 50' Span: Click Here To View Under Power \xe2\x80\xa2 Capacity: 25 Ton \xe2\x80\xa2 Bridge Span: 50' \xe2\x80\xa2 Max. Height Under Hook (Lift): 25' \xe2\x80\xa2 Hoist Drive ..."

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b'Apr 06, 2021 \xc2\xb7 Lifting up to 50 tons, these cranes have a DMR wire rope hoist on a trolley to complete the lifting process. The EZ-DMR moves along a trolley on the bridge of the double girder crane. Like the single girder EK-DMR, Demag SafeControl gives you additional capabilities to make lifting and handling loads more efficient, reliable and safe on EZ-FMR ...'

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b'FOR SALE: . Demag Cranes & Components 6.3 Metric Ton Capacity (13,889 lbs.) TRSG Overhead Cranes SOLD. Date Listed: October 24, 2019. Description: 6.3 Metric Ton Capacity Top Running Single Girder (TRSG) Overhead Cranes'

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b'Feb 25, 2020 \xc2\xb7 Choosing between a single girder or double girder crane can help maximize all 3 measurements. On single girder cranes, the hoist is always underrunning. Double girder cranes have the benefit of the space in between the 2 girders, allowing you to eek out a little bit more lift height depending on how the trolley is designed on the girder.'

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b'Aicrane double girder overhead crane has excellent lifting capacity. Using the current computing system, the weight of the double girder crane can be adjusted to minimize the force exerted by the load on the structure and improve the stability of the lifting equipment when loading large volumes of goods.. In addition, the modular design allows the addition of various optional accessories, such ...'