15 ton double beam grab bucket bridge crane used steel scrap

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b'The Crane comprising of a bridge, supported by end carriages capable of travelling along gantry rails fixed on gantry girders AND INSTAED OF HOOK Grab bucket is attached depending upon the requirements of lifting materials.'

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b'Features of grab bucket overhead crane Different Grab Bucket. The overhead grab crane is able to make into single girder type or double girders overhead crane model. Single girder grab crane, also named as AQ-LDZ electric grab overhead crane. its rated loads is from 2 ton to 10 ton, which is designed for catching loose objects like grain, sand and industrial bulk.'

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b'Overhead travelling crane with grab is one of the most common cranes used in the industries, and its lifting device is suspended on a trolley or an electric hoist which runs along the beam. The bridge beam is directly supported on the track through the running device. Overhead traveling crane is widely used in the indoor warehouse, factory, and storage yards to load, unload and transfer materials.'

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b'Grab bucket is used with crane as a special tool for crane to grab dry bulk goods. The grab bucket consists of two or more bucket shaped jaw plates which can be opened and closed together to form a holding space. When loading, the jaw plate is closed in the material pile, and the material is caught into the material space.'

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b'QZ model double beam overhead grab crane is matched with grab bucket, it is using to handle sand, stone, steel scrap and other loose materials, the lifting capacity from 3ton to 30ton, the span from 7.5m to 35m, the lifting height from 3ton to 30ton.'

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b'This grab bridge crane is widely used in freight port, river wharf, power plants, concrete mixing station, industrial and mining enterprises. The grab bridge crane consists of Main Girder, End Carriage, Lifting Trolley, grab bucket and Electrical Parts. Generally, the power supply System for trolley and crane are festoon system and Bus Bar system.'

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b'Workshop grab overhead crane refers to a kind of overhead crane with grab bucket mainly used to lift and transport bulk goods and materials, such as coal, wood, sand, stone and other industrial scattered objects. The crane generally consists of girder frame, crane traveling mechanism, crane hoist or trolley, grab bucket, electric device, safety device, other accessories and so on.'

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b'Commonly, we can divided these bridge crane 5 ton stock into two big groups,one is 5 ton single beam bridge crane for sale, and the other is double girder bridge crane 5 ton for sale. And also from different standard demand from our customers, we also design the common overhead bridge crane 5 ton for sale'